Invented Spaces

January 7th - 20th, 2017

Opening Reception - January 7th 1-4pm

Curated By Emma Richan and Ryan Hatfield

Madrona Gallery’s inaugural exhibition of 2017 features a variety of contemporary Canadian artists inspired by their immediate environment to create imagined or abstracted worlds. At times quirky or banal, these fictional spaces re-examine and re-invent our everyday conventions and familiarities. Regardless of style or subject matter, this collection of paintings celebrates the artists’ transformation of daily influences into dynamic compositions for our exploration. The selected artists come from diverse backgrounds and share their unique processes and perspectives through their invented spaces. Together, these artists help articulate the Canadian experience and identity with a fresh new view of our day-to-day surroundings.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Meghan Hildebrand, Hashim Hannoon, Megan Dulcie Dill, Sean Yelland, Serge Brunoni, Kapil Harnal, Jeanne Campbell, and Megan Dietrich.