FEBRUARY 4 - 18, 2017


MARCH 11 - 28, 2017

Invented Spaces

Invented Spaces
January 7th - 20th, 2017

Artists featured in this exhibition include Meghan Hildebrand, Hashim Hannoon, Megan Ducie Dill, Shuvinai Ashoona, Luke Ramsey, David Antonides, Sean Yelland, Serge Brunoni, Jeanne Campbell, and Megan Dietrich.

Deck the Walls VII

Deck the Walls VII

December 3rd - 23rd

Madrona Gallery presents our 7th annual Deck the Walls group exhibition showcasing the diversity of work from the Madrona stable of artists.  This show includes new works by Meghan Hildebrand, Sean Yelland, Morgana Wallace, Nancy Ruhl, Linda Jones ,Serge Brunoni, Claude Langevin, and others, alongside Inuit and Historic Canadian works.

NICHOLAS BOTT - New Works 2016

November 19 - December 3, 2016
Opening Reception November 19th, 1-4PM
Artist in Attendance


Kudluajuk Ashoona


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory

Kudluajuk Ashoona's biological parents were the well-known carvers, Kabubuwa and Tayara Tunnillie. She was adopted by the family of the notable graphic artist, Simeonie Quppapik. Kudluajuk did not seriously begin to make art until 2011. In a rare reversal of influence, she was inspired to draw by her daughter, Nicotye Samayualie.  Kudluajuk’s works are very narrative and literal. Her drawings often depict scenes of contemporary family life. Family outings, domestic gatherings and leisure activities are some of her favourite subjects.

Rick Cepella

Rick is a painter, art instructor and cartoonist/illustrator living in Powell River, British Columbia.  His paintings are expressive reactions to the wild landscape as well as the human form. Decades of outdoor activities, twelve years of work as a biological surveyor and countless hours of field drawing and painting in the rugged backcountry of western Canada continue to shape his work. He actively shows, teaches and lectures at public art institutions across British Columbia. 

Corrinne Wolcoski

"Inspired by the West Coast and its many incredible cloud formations, my paintings are a direct response to the silent beauty of light penetrating the darkness which brings a sense of calmness to all it envelops. Traveling along the coast has provided an endless source of material from which I am creating a new West Coast Landscape series for future shows."