Pulp and Process III

PULP AND PROCESS III:  January 13-27


Madrona Gallery is pleased to present the third instalment of Pulp + Process. This exhibition is focused on the diversity of paper as a medium. 

Corrinne Wolcoski: Rivers Inlet

CORRINNE WOLCOSKI: Rivers Inlet Feb 3-17

Madrona Gallery is pleased to present new works from Corrine Wolcoski. Her latest collection focuses on the River Inlet on BC's coast. She has an endless fascination with the beauty and drama of the sky and how it interacts with the mountains and water.

Historic & Post War Canadian Art

March 3 - 17
Opening Reception March 3


Clayton Anderson

Clayton Anderson was born and raised in West Vancouver, British Columbia.  Inspired by iconic Canadian painters such as Emily Carr and Lawren Harris, Clayton's paintings demonstrate a strong understanding of composition as well as a subtle yet luminescent rendering of light. His work evokes a distinct power of place.

Palaya Qiatsuq

B. 1965
Cape Dorset

Palaya learned how to carve the traditional way - by watching his father. He carved his first two pieces at the age of 12, a bird and a bear. For the past 20 years Palaya has been carving and keeping traditioal stories alive through his work. Stories of transformation and shmanism from his childhood are among Palaya's favourite themes. 

Although Palaya views himself as an artist above all else, he is also a "traditionalist with a mission." 

"I also see my mission as edicating and teaching others about my culture. Any opportunity I have to travel and give demonstrations and workshops helps contribute to others' apreciation of our art forms." - Palaya Qiatsuq

Harry Stanbridge R.C.A.

B. 1943 Quesnel B.C.

Harry Stanbridge studied painting with Don Jarvis and Takao Tanabe at the Vancouver School of Art (now the Emily Carr College of Art + Design) from 1963 to 1968. After moving to Victoria, he taught art at Spectrum High School from 1978 to 2003 while maintaining a regular studio practice and exhibiting regularly throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.