JAN. 7 - JAN. 31

Madrona Gallery is pleased to present this group exhibition of recent paintings inspired by our local coastline and surrounding environment. From Graham Forsythe's painterly handling of Goldstream provincial park to Corrinne Wolcoski's delecatly rendered seascapes the works selected for this exhibition capture the spirit of living in the Pacific North-West and express the many ways it inspires us

This show also features work from emerging local artists April Mackey and Cait Helten. These two young artists are dynamic and exciting. Their work is fresh and unrestrained, Mackeys whimsicle handling of wildlife and interior spaces shows an eye for composition yet is very free in the application of paint. Helten's Landscapes are imaginary mystical spaces where a sense of light over the horizon leads your eye in and engages the viewer in a play of attempting to discover what is just out of sight.