Sean Yelland

Sean Yelland is a Toronto based painter who seeks to capture the picturesque in everyday urban settings, finding the beautiful and mysterious in the mundane. His work plays with a sense of voyeurism and intrigue bordering on the uncanny. By confronting the viewer with scenes that should be full of action but are shown in a state of stillness, Yelland is removing the comfort of the expected, and questioning our relationship to our environment.

Working from photographs, each piece is translated into paint becoming hyper-real in the process. Colours are saturated, light intensified. Reflections also play an important part in Yelland's work, either in store front windows or rain-soaked streets, and allow for multiple viewpoints in a single image.

Sean Yelland attended the Ontario College of Art & Design, graduating in 1989. Yelland has exhibited across Canada and was shortlisted for the Kingston Prize in 2011. His works are found in numerous private and corporate collections.

'Alone in the City,' Lorie Lee Steiner, Arabella Magazine Winter 2015
'Beat-up vans inspire photo-realist painting series,' Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist, Novermber 2015

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