Joseph Plaskett

Joseph Plaskett
B. 1918 D. 2014
New Westminster, B.C.

This collection of early work spans from the late 1950's to late 1960's.  This is a time of great importance in the development of Plaskett's iconic style.

It was during this period that Plaskett was first based in his Paris studio, the birthplace of his unique and intimate perspective of interior scenes. Equally influential in his development was the extensive travel through the European continent that gave the artist new experiences to draw from. Much of this travel is documented in the numerous pastel drawings that are featured in this collection. Locales such as Paris, Venice and the French countryside dominate, although he also portrayed Canadian scenes such as Harrington Harbour, Quebec.

Joseph Plaskett studied with many influential Canadian painters lik A.Y. Jackson, Jack Shadbolt, Lawren Harris and Jock Macdonald.  He was a student of Hans Hofmann in New York.  In 2001 Plaskett was awarded the National Order of Canada for his excellence in the field of visual art.  He is also an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy.