Roland Gatin

B. 1968

Gatin was raised on the Prairies but now calls Victoria, BC, his home. He works primarily in the medium of multistone, which consists of a built-up mass of individual pieces of stone which are sculpted as a single block. Each sculpture can incorporate hundreds or even thousands of individual pieces of stone.

Gatin draws inspiraion fom a range of influences, from ancient architecture to modern masters. This coglomeration of stimuli finds a parallel in the multistone medium. Gatin explains, "We are not merely our outward shapes nor our professed declarations; we are also those individual elements, interchangeable structures, underlying assumptions, and imaginable continuations/extensions that may not be readily perceptible, but are nevertheless integrally essential to who and what we are."

The Sum of Its Parts by Aaren Madden, Focus Magazine January 2016, Page 20